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AR/XR Apps

– Augmented Reality
– AR Development
– Custom XR Apps
– Rapid Prototyping


Mobile Apps

– Mobile Applications
– iOS Development
– Android Development
– Mobile AR


Rapid Prototyping

– AR Kit Prototype
– AR Core Prototype
– Figma Design
– Sketch Design


Product Design

– E-Commerce Product Design
– AR Product Showcase
– AR Content Management
– AR Product Design

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Why work with AR Fluent? AR is our Language

AR focus

At AR Fluent, our middle name is augmented reality. We speak it fluently and its our core focus.

Rapid Prototyping

Give us your AR design idea and sit back and relax while we turn your vision into an augmented reality.


We are dedicated to a wide tech stack of all resources related to AR and AR design. Rest assured we got you covered.

Our AR Development Process

We follow a proven framework for augmented reality application development and design.

Strategy & Planning

The first step in the creation of an AR application is meeting to discuss and plan the design and deployment of your AR project.

Rapid Prototyping

The goal of rapid prototyping is to allow developers, designers, and other stakeholders to iterate on ideas and concepts quickly, gather feedback, and refine the design before investing significant resources into building a final product.

Content Design & Development

The development process typically involves a series of iterations, with developers designing, building, testing, and refining their AR applications until they meet the desired outcome.

Pre-Deployment Testing & Iteration

AR development requires a combination of skills and expertise, including computer programming, 3D modeling, user experience design, and hardware engineering. Our team will often use AR development frameworks such as ARKit and ARCore to create AR applications and experiences, and we may also use specialized tools such as Unity or Unreal Engine to create 3D environments and interactions.

Delivery, Analysis & Feedback

Once your AR application has been developed, tested, and iterated to completion we deliver your application to the appropriate app stores or hosting environment. From here we provide ongoing support, feedback, and analysis to ensure your AR app is succesfful.